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HammelWoods_11Hello, and Welcome to Walking the Path.  Here you’ll find a subject matter that I usually do not talk about in the open public– that of my spiritual practices and beliefs, including my experience with shamanism, paganism, and the magical arts.  However, I have had a number of requests to do a blog concerning these subjects, and after attempting to do so on another blog system outside my website, I discovered that it is better to keep things such as this where I am more familiar with my surroundings.  After all- I’m not what you would call a complete techie.

So without further ado, pull up your chair, pour a nice drink, join the discussion and enjoy your stay.  I am certainly glad you’re here.

    Learning to Dance in the Darkness

    So far, in this series of blog posts about dealing with the darkness and shadows in our world I have touched briefly on what I believe the nature of darkness is, how it manifests in ourselves, and in the world around us.  I have discussed the ideas of demons, both self-contained and outside of us, what these things can possibly truly mean, and even how to deal with them.  Today, I'd like to talk about something a little bit different.

    I'd like to talk about learning to dance in the darkness.


    Now, of course, I'm not talking about literal dancing.  Although there is absolutely nothing wrong with dancing in the dark.  Personally, though, every time I've tried it, I've ended up with quite a few stubbed toes or banged up knees.  WNo, what I'm talking about is learning to trust yourself.  Let's face it-- darkness, no matter what form it  takes, can be a frightening thing.  It's dark.  It can be cold and uninviting.  It can be foreboding.  And sometimes, just sometimes it can force you to face things that you really didn't want to.  Darkness can pull you in, drag you under and spit you out into the blinding light, completely disoriented.

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    Those That Walk in the Darkness

    In the first two blog posts in this series, I briefly discussed the nature of darkness as a whole, as well as the nature of the darkness that exists in each one of us.

    daemon-641337_1280Now I'm going to touch on an aspect of darkness that is a bit more.... dicey shall we say.  The darkness that exists outside our own.  The intangible, and yet somehow very real,  very influential, entities that choose to exist in the darkness that is around us.  To quote the Hellboy Movie  "There are things that go bump in the night, Agent Myers..."

    For most people, these entities are most often referred to as demons.  My understanding of demons, or those who walk in the darkness, doesn't usually fit the mold of what many religious zealots consider "evil" or "demonic". In fact, the whole idea of "evil versus good" is a bit... well shortsighted in my opinion.  It's really about perspective.

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    The Darkness Within

    For me, as well as many people I know, the idea of what lurks in the darkness falls into two main categories:  that which is within us, and that which is outside of us.  The boogeyman can often exist inside your soul just as easily as under your bed.

    horror-766261_640The darkness that exists within you, as a part of you is sometimes the hardest to understand, accept and to work with.  Internal shadow work, as I like to call it, is often much more demanding, and scary then working with the various external shadow forces that exist in the world.

    It is not for the weak, or those who have a form of illusionary strength.  It takes a lot of courage to face your darker nature and to learn from it.  So the question becomes where does one begin.

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    Hello Darkness My Old Friend

    833deba30fa61fa996a11b06f8e125f5It's amazing how much you can learn from simply listening.

    For example, I learned through listening to people talk on the internet and various conversations that there are quite a few people who believe that walking the path means striving for love and light in all things, lifting everyone up, and helping everyone to achieve enlightenment.  It means shedding the darkness, disavowing the shadows that surround us.

    I cannot tell you how completely I disagree with this notion.

    The path I walk isn't about love and good tidings.  It's not about reaching nirvana.  It's about discovering the balance that is needed to live a healthy, product and just life.  It is about embracing who I am, whether it is the part of me that shines in the light or the one that dances in the darkness.

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    Those Who Walk Your Path

    In earlier postings, I talked briefly about omens and those things that will try to communicate with us along the path we walk in this world. I would like to talk about these beings in more depth now. Please keep in mind, though, that these are based on my knowledge and experience as I walk my chosen path. What you learn, what you discover, as you travel will probably differ from mine. And that is how it should be.

    recovery-1221765_1280Depending on who or what you talk to, the various entities that you meet in your travels will be called, and be many different things. They can be nature spirits, animal spirits, demons, angels, people, general spirits, or simply different forms of energy that don't necessarily have a chosen personality. They may be seen as being guides, teachers, tricksters, with good intent, or evil. They may be trying to dissuade you from your path, show you a different aspect of it, wanting to help you travel it better, or simply be going the same direction for a while.

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