Five Things I Wish I Had Known About Marketing Before I Published My First Book

By Andrea Hintz Through every process in life, we all have those, “I wish I had known” moments. We wish we had known how to do things better and how to be more effective. For this series, I chose the topic of five things I wished I had known about … Continue reading

Five Things I’ve Learned Working With Literary Agents

1. Agents are like Atlantis; hard to find and somewhat mythical. Sure, most have one-paragraph bios and mini selfies under ‘our team’ on agency websites. Some write a blog. A few keep their name in the spotlight with big-figure deals and best-seller client lists. But be forewarned. The bio hasn’t … Continue reading

Stepping Away From the Giant

So after a lot of thought, discussions with my husband, and doing a fair amount of research, I have come to a decision.  In the grand scheme of things it is not that big a decision, and it may prove to be the wrong one.  But the decision still needs … Continue reading