Why Santa and His Elves Don’t Visit Our Home

Ok– are there kids around?  Or people that still believe in Santa Claus, elves on shelves, or the magical nature of the holiday season? No? Take a look around and double check- I don’t want to spoil things for them- especially now when the ideas of hope, anticipation, and wonderment … Continue reading

Review of Misguided Sensitivity by Philip Nork

Book:   Misguided Sensitivity Author:  Philip Nork Publisher:  All Things That Matter Press Availability:  Amazon Author Social Media:  Philip Nork   Twitter   Goodreads  Facebook Overall Rating 3.0 out of 5 Stars Overall Summary: In Misguided Sensitivity, Philip Nork shares a journey.  It is one of the self-discovery, love, and … Continue reading

Losing Faith, Rediscovering Hope and Love

Many people that know me today know me as a non-Christian, and a very vocal one at that.  There have been quite a few times on social media-Facebook especially where I have expressed frustration, and displeasure concerning the actions of the faithful, and the response has been vibrant, mixed and … Continue reading