Review of a A Fading Amaranth By Shauna Aura Knight

Book:  A Fading Amaranth Author:  Shauna Aura Knight Publisher:  Shauna Aura Knight Availability:  Amazon Author Social Media and Website:  Shauna Aura Knight  Twitter   Facebook Google+ Overall Rating 3.75 Overall Summary Ever since her parents died, Alexandra has lived- and suffered- with the gift of telepathy.  Day in and day … Continue reading

Review of Above My Pay Grade X2 by L.E. Doggett

Book:  Above My Pay Grade X2 Author: L. E. Doggett Availability:  Smashwords Barnes & Noble Amazon Author Website:  Musings of L. E. Doggett Overall Rating: 2.75 out of 5 Stars Overall Summary: NA lives in a world where magic, ghosts, werewolves, and zombies are real, and can affect the world … Continue reading

Stepping Away From the Giant

So after a lot of thought, discussions with my husband, and doing a fair amount of research, I have come to a decision.  In the grand scheme of things it is not that big a decision, and it may prove to be the wrong one.  But the decision still needs … Continue reading