The Emerald Musings “5 Things I Wish I Had Known” Series Begins in April

Greetings, Everyone! Since I’ve managed to get some wonderful guest post contributions over the years, I decided to go to the well again and see what I could get.  And you ladies and gentlemen certainly didn’t disappoint!  So, starting in April, we’re featuring a new guest post on every Friday … Continue reading

Squirming as a Freelance Professional

So yesterday, as part of my job as a freelancer, I did something that made me squirm, just a little bit. I edited a blog post that contained information and opinions that were very distasteful to me.  Nothing illegal mind you, and thankfully there was no words that would put … Continue reading

How to Get The Work You Want- A Guide for the New Client

Often, the world of freelance work is seen through the eyes of the freelancer.  Projects are seen as things to be described through the lenses of time spent, research done, and creativity utilized.  And, as always the needs of the client are at the forefront of any good freelancer’s mind. … Continue reading