My Commandments of Freelancing

So I have been working as a freelancer for a while now- part time since around 2003, and full time since 2009. During that time, I have learned quite a bit about myself, how I operate, and what my strengths and weaknesses are as a professional. I won’t go into my strengths or weaknesses as a person- that topic may be entirely too boring depending on your point of view.

One of the things that I have developed for myself as a freelancer is a list of rules to follow as a professional. They work very well for me, and I thought that it was worth sharing. Keep in mind, these ideas are nothing new- or shouldn’t be. Continue reading

Squirming as a Freelance Professional

So yesterday, as part of my job as a freelancer, I did something that made me squirm, just a little bit. I edited a blog post that contained information and opinions that were very distasteful to me.  Nothing illegal mind you, and thankfully there was no words that would put … Continue reading

How to Get The Work You Want- A Guide for the New Client

Often, the world of freelance work is seen through the eyes of the freelancer.  Projects are seen as things to be described through the lenses of time spent, research done, and creativity utilized.  And, as always the needs of the client are at the forefront of any good freelancer’s mind. … Continue reading

Five Tips for Being a Freelance Contributor

Working as a freelance contributor to various magazines is a fantastic way to get your name out there and your reputation as a writer to increase.  Keep in mind though, that how well you work with editors at the magazine will contribute greatly to how easily you get new assignments. … Continue reading