Review of Lust, Money and Murder Book 1 By Mike Wells

Book:  Lust, Money, and Murder  Book 1 Author:  Mike Wells Publisher:  Self Published/Mike Wells Availability:   Kobo   Amazon  Google Books  Barnes & Noble Author Website and Social Media:  Mike Wells  Twitter  Facebook Overall Rating  3.00 Overall Summary: Growing up in the worst slums in Pittsburgh, Elaine and her father … Continue reading

A Review of The Daddy Track by Allison Leigh, Illustrated by Mayu Takayama

Book:  The Daddy Track Author:  Allison Leigh,  Illustrated by Mayu Takayama Publisher:  Harlequin Comics Availability:   Kobo  Amazon  Google Books Author Social Media and Website:  Allison Leigh  Allison’s Facebook  Allison’s Goodreads Illustrator Social Media and Website:   None Found Overall Rating:  3.75 out of 5 Stars Overall Summary: When Nate’s … Continue reading

Review of The Dream Room by William Seymour

Book:   The Dream Room Author:  William Seymour Publisher:  W R Seymour; Availability:  Amazon Author Website and Social Media:  None found Overall Rating:  3.0 out of 5.0 Overall Summary: There is a dream that Steve keeps having.  And like all dreams, vivid though they are, the details seem a bit … Continue reading

Stepping Away From the Giant

So after a lot of thought, discussions with my husband, and doing a fair amount of research, I have come to a decision.  In the grand scheme of things it is not that big a decision, and it may prove to be the wrong one.  But the decision still needs … Continue reading