Published Materials


Finding Love on the Open Road: The Biker Guide to Dating (June 2012) BikerKiss.Com ASIN # B0089XJIQ2

The Spring and Autumn Murders (December 2012) Direwolf Design and Publishing ISBN # 9789099676701

The Northern Problem and Other Stories (June 2013) Direwolf Design and Publishing ISBN # 9780988676725

 The Revelation of Jack (2015) Direwolf Design and Publishing ISBN # 978-0-988676703-2


Emerald Musings

Walking the Path

Marietta and Beyond Contributions

 Selected Writings


“How to Create Your Own Freelance Project Contract”


“Pay Attention to the Leaves”

“Jade and Pearl”

“Coming up Roses: Tips on Growing Roses in Any Environment”

“The Good Bugs: Insects that You Should Welcome in Your Garden”

“Air Sparging: Is it the Right Choice for Your Next Remediation Project?”

Meeting Mr. Gibson – sample from The Writer’s Thread Showcase

A Clumsy White Crane Spreads Her Wings: My Introduction to Tai Chi — Published by City Calm

Determination of the Importance of the Internet to University Technology Transfer

A Summary Procedure for Completion of ISO 14001 Certification for a Pharmaceutical Company

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