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I am an indie author, freelancer, and ghostwriter that specializes in taking the ideas of my clients and transforming them into the most accessible, informative and entertaining work possible. I pride myself in my ability to easily research, synthesize and present complex material. My areas of expertise include geology, environmental sciences, health and fitness, nature, pets outdoor activities, and freelancing to name a few.


1998B.S. Geology Clarion University of Pennsylvania
1999-2000University of Toledo Geology Program
2004-2007Northeastern Illinois University Graduate Geology Program

Selected Work History

2003-2011Contributor to Yahoo Voices/Associated Content
2005-2008Contributor to AOL Seed
2012-2014Managing Editor of Dr. Mommy and Friends The Online Resource for Busy Women
2014-2016Managing Editor and Contributor to Wholistic Fit Living Website
2014-2015Managing Editor for Marrietta and Beyond Website
2014-Present DayContributor for Wholistic Fit Living Website
2014-Present DayContributor to the Marietta and Beyond Website
2003-Present DayVarious freelance, web content, ghostwriting, and editing projects
2009-Present DayEditor and Writer of Various Technical and Environmental Reports
July 2015-Present DayCo-Creator and Manager of The Writer's Thread Showcase

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