Published Materials


Finding Love on the Open Road: The Biker Guide to Dating (June 2012) BikerKiss.Com ASIN # B0089XJIQ2

The Spring and Autumn Murders (December 2012) Direwolf Design and Publishing ISBN # 9789099676701

The Northern Problem and Other Stories (June 2013) Direwolf Design and Publishing ISBN # 9780988676725

 The Revelation of Jack (2015) Direwolf Design and Publishing ISBN # 978-0-988676703-2


Emerald Musings

Walking the Path

Wholistic Fit Living with Dr. Daisy Sutherland Contributions

Marietta and Beyond Contributions

 Selected Writings


“How to Create Your Own Freelance Project Contract”


“Pay Attention to the Leaves”

“Jade and Pearl”“Coming up Roses: Tips on Growing Roses in Any Environment”

“The Good Bugs: Insects that You Should Welcome in Your Garden”

“Air Sparging: Is it the Right Choice for Your Next Remediation Project?”

Meeting Mr. Gibson – sample from The Writer’s Thread Showcase

Determination of the Importance of the Internet to University Technology Transfer

Environmental Due Dilligence

A Summary Procedure for Completion of ISO 14001 Certification for a Pharmaceutical Company

Four Simple One Minute Meditations to Help  You Live in the Present

An Apple is an Apple

A Clumsy White Crane Spreads Her Wings: My Introduction to Tai Chi — Published by City Calm

Five Facts and Theories About the Moon That Will Blow Your Mind

Ten Amazing Facts About Ice

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